Wish List

Camp Sunshine Dreams Wish List

Toys (soft balls,rubber chickens/pigs, Stereo hula hoops, etc.)
Team-building game initiatives

Arm guards in assorted sizes (quantity: 20-25)
Arrows (fiberglass, especially 26″ and 28″)
Balloons (latex-free)
Bows (compound, long, 26″, 28″, and 30″)
3D targets
Targets (any size)
Target pins

Arts & Crafts
Acrylic Paint – Dick Blick, Liquitex Basics
Air brush
Art supplies in plastic packaging for patients under isolation in hospitals
Art board
Basket making supplies
Beadazzler supplies
Blo pens
Body Art
Brushes (good quality)
Brush cleaner
Button making supplies
Canvas for painting
Ceramic tiles
Clay extruder
Clay pots to paint (terracotta)
Clear acrylic palette
Construction paper
Craft kits for hospitals
Drawing paper
Duncan or Amaco glazes for clay
Easels-indoor/outdoor (by Trident)
Fabric markers
Fabric paint
Fake fur
Fan brushes
Fun beauty products for kids
Fun fabric
Glassware – plain-for etching
Glue gun sticks
Leather crafts
Leather beads
Linoleum for printmaking
Macrame cord
Masking tape
Mod Podge
Model Magic-Crayola
Mosaic tiles
Mr. Button Rotary Button Machine and supplies
Multicultural arts and crafts books and project ideas
Paint basins
Paint markers – all colors, metallic
Plaster cloth
Pottery tools
Pottery wheels (by Brent)
Press for printmaking
Roll white craft paper
Rubbermaid service cart
Silk screens (small ones for designing shirts)
Staple gun and staples
Table easels
Tattoos for kids
Tissue paper
T-shirts (plain)
Watercolor paint (good quality)
Watercolor paper
Wire sculpture supplies

Boating & Fishing
Fishing nets
Fishing poles (closed reel type)
Life Jackets
Paddle boats (4)
Tackle box – stocked (new)

Sleeping bags
Glow-in-the-dark bracelets/sticks

Creative Zone
CD-R Disks, 48 X (1,000)
MacBook Laptop (new or used)
Chairs – bean bag
Memory cards for digital cameras
Printer- B/W Laserjet (HP preferable)
Diaries and Journals
Digital card readers for PC computers (new)
Digital video camera (inexpensive one – approx. $600) (2)

Birthday decorations and party supplies
Wii Fit
Just Dance – game

Batteries (all sizes)
Instruments (drums, hand held items)
CDs (blank, recordable)

Blank CDs
Photo print paper
Board games and cards
Canon EOS-compatible equipment (lenses, charger, Point and shoot digital cameras)
CD player
Digital camera – Canon EOS 5D (SLR) 12.8 Megapixel
Digital photo printing dock (Kodak)

Sports & Recreation
Card table (large)
Frisbees (10)
Masks, snorkels/goggles
Nerf sporting equipment (new)
Ping Pong equipment (balls, net, rackets)
Super Soakers (50)
Swim caps (silicon or latex) (new)
Wiffle ball and bat

Costumes (boas, pants, capes, animal costumes, Keyboard
masks, gloves) Theatrical makeup
Tapes for video camera
Video (Please call the Camp for specific details)
Video camera

General Needs
Backpacks, gym bags/duffle bags (new)
Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D)
Bug spray or lotion with DEET (for children)
Disposable cameras
Gift cards (from large retail chains such as
Wal-Mart, Target, Stop & Shop, Costco etc.)
Movies (appropriate for children 8-15 years old)
Dixie cups
Over the counter medication – Children’s Tylenol
Liquid, Children’s Advil/Motrin Liquid, Children’s
Benedryl chewables, Children’s Tylenol
chewables, Children’s Motrin/Advil chewables
Pens (black, red, blue)
Playing cards
Rain ponchos (new)
Sharpie markers
Sneakers for campers (8-15 yrs. old) (new)
Socks & underwear for campers (new)
Sweatshirts for campers
Stationery or note cards for campers
Stuffed animals (new)
Sunscreen (children’s)- PABA free, SPF of 30 or higher
Sweatpants (size 8-adult) (new)
Tape (masking and duct)
Toiletries (small or travel size, new) – soap, shampoo,
toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, mouthwash, lip
balm, combs, brushes
Water bottles
White t-shirts in all sizes, especially small (new)
Window shades ( 26″ room darkening)

Housekeeping (all new)
Bath towels ( 24″x44″ or larger)
Blankets (for twin beds)
Comforters (for twin beds)
Storage units for arts & crafts (15 three-drawer plastic units approx. 2 1/2 ft. tall, 1 ft. deep)
Paper towels
Pillow cases (standard)
Sheets ( twin, flat & fitted)
Wash clothes (12″x12″)

Pocket knives for whittling
Screw drivers (Phillips and standard)